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Revista Română de Studii Eurasiatice, Anul XVI, Nr. 1-2/2020



Laura Sînziana Cuciuc Romanescu, Illuminated Pages. A Middle Ages Trip in the Field of Color


Lelia Rus Pîrvan, Aquatic Symbolism and Female Form - Representations in the Visual Arts


Enache Tuşa, Population Movements in South –Eastern Europe -German Communities Emigration from Basarabia to Dobrudja


Iulian Mitran, Simona Niculescu, From Sober to Floral: An Overview on the Development of Material Culture Among the Gagauzians of Budjak


Mirela Kozlovsky, Dobrujan Ethno-Folkloric Organology - A Diachronic Presentation


Doru A. Lixandru, Aux origines de la frontière roumano-hongroise: démographie, ethnicité et pratiques du pouvoir (1918-1940)


Marius-Laurenţiu Rohart, From World War I to World War II – Romanian Naval Officers and the Artillery Upgrade for the River Monitors


Daniel Flaut, Cavarna in the 1930s. Some Statistical Data


Jakub Drábek, Klára Fabianková, The Sugar Industry in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia


Maria Bolocan, The Relevance of the Marshall Plan for the 21st Century


Ionuţ Gh. Chircalan, The History of the Research on the Identity of Dionisyus the (Pseudo-)Areopagite


Laurenţiu Marin Dobre, Iulian Rusu, Underwater Archeology – Medieval and Modern Anchors Discovered on Constanta Seashore After 1989


Iuliana Barna, There and Then – About Romania after 1989 in Virgil Tănase’s Theatre


Alina Cristea, The Cultural and Professional Identity of the Actor or the History of Cross-Cultural Theater