Revista Română de Studii Eurasiatice, Anul XVII, Nr. 1-2/2021


Foaia de titlu /Cover




Laurenţiu Marin Dobre, The Archaeological Potential of the Underwater Perimeter of the Casino Area-Constanta


Laura Sînziana Cuciuc Romanescu, Ozlem Kaya, Liturgical Textile Representations in Byzantine Art


Anca Simitopol, Dostoevsky’s Religious-Political Thought and French Socialism


Daniel Flaut, Some Statistical Data on the Natural Movement of Population in the City of Constanţa between 1890 and 1895


Dmytro Bondarenko, From the Export-Counter-Revolution to Cordon Sanitaire: Germany and Romania in the Struggle Against Bolshevism, 1918-1919


Corneliu-Dragoș Bălan, Florina Bălan, Historical, spiritual and literary geography aspects in Dobrogea area


Cristina Flaut, Daniel Flaut, Šárka Hošková-Mayerová, Alena Vagaská, Some Aspects Regarding Secret Code Creators


Andreea Bratu, Some considerations about the Use and the Nature of Archetypal Representations of European and Asian origin, in Romanian Contemporary Musical Compositions


Iuliana Barna, Matei Călinescu: A journey to Romania (2000-2002). Normality as Utopia in an unusual journal


Enache Tuşa, Laura-Maria Vasilache, Women’s Rights Regarding Abortions. Research in the Rural Area of Dobrogea


Pápai-Tarr Ágnes, De nouvelles anomalies de condamnation ou bien quelques idees concernant le jour-amende/ Recent anomalies in the imposition of penalties- reflections on fines


Florin Zeru, The Use of Facebook in Romanian Public Administration, Factors that Influence Engagement


Enache Tuşa, Elena-Ana Iancu, The Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic and Learning Through Educational Platforms




Roman Kodet, Great Britain, the Great Powers, and the Shimonoseki Incident


Andreea Cristina Mănăilă, The End of An Endless War. Romania`s Involvement in Afghanistan




Brad Williams, Japanese Foreign Intelligence and Grand Strategy: From the Cold War to the Abe Era (Washington, DC; Georgetown University Press, 2021) Paperback. ISBN 9781647120641. xv, 279 pp. (Jason Morgan)


Peter Frankopan, Noile drumuri ale mătăsii. Prezentul şi viitorul lumii (New Silk Roads, The Present and Future of the World), Editura Trei, Bucureşti, 2021, 288 p. (Enache Tuşa).


John Darwin, Visul imperial. Ascensiunea şi decăderea puterilor globale 1400-2000 (The Imperial dream, The Ascension and the Fall of global powers 1400- 2000), Editura Litera Bucureşti, 2021, 655 p. (Enache Tuşa)