Revista Română de Studii Eurasiatice, Anul XIX, Nr. 1-2/2023


Foaia de titlu/Cover




Nechita Runcan, The Great Personality of Saint Metropolitan Anthim the Iberian

Nicolae Gavrilă, The Evolution of Romanian Church Music  from Complexity to Simplification  and the Return to Byzantine Music

Corneliu-Dragoş Bălan, Florina Bălan, Pride and Nobility - Paths of Freedom in the View of Today's Man Analyzed Through the Prism of the Writings of Dostoievski and Father Paisios of Mount Athos

Dmytro Bondarenko, The Disintegration of the Empires in Central and Eastern Europe in the 20th Century: A Theoretical Problem

Martina Víšková, Tereza Burianová, Karel Sochna, Women and Social Security in Czechoslovakia after the First World War

Daniel Flaut, A Brief Analysis of Dobruja’s 1930 Population Structure

Adam Dittrich, Karel Engliš as the Governor of the Czechoslovakian National Bank (1934-1939)

Antonia Colibăşanu,  The Danube’s Political History. Contemporary Opportunities

Ozlem Kaya, Laura Sînziana Cuciuc Romanescu, Gothic Period: Reflections on Fashion

Iuliana Barna, Virgil Tanase – Critical Approach on His  Dramatic Works. A Romanian – French Comparative Perspective

Marian Oancea, The Ruthenians. A Comparison Regarding the Minority-Majority Relationship in Four Neighbouring Countries: Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Ukraine

Corina Bodea, Aspects regarding the family residence in the European legal culture

Laura-Maria Vasilache,  Laurenţiu Pleşca, Enache Tuşa, The evolution of ethnic communities in Dobrudja Comparative analysis of the last two censuses (2011, 2021)

Delia Oprea, Socio-Cultural Overview of the War on Social Networks. Politics, Identity(ies), Language(s)

Mirela Doga, Drama Language and Theatrical Language from the Perspective of the Personal Development Model. Educational Approach



Kyu-hyun Jo, "Heinous Crimes Whose Record Would Run to More Than 2,000 Pages": An Analysis of Five Japanese Perpetrators' Statements on Japan's Crimes Against Humanity in China During the Second World War

Eva Taterová,  Diplomatic Position of Czechoslovakia in the Arab World in the Late 1940s

Enache Tuşa, The Influence of the Israeli-Palestinian War (2023) and Russia in Disrupting the Silk Road - A Sociological Analysis



Sverker Johansson, Zorii limbajului [The Dawn of Language], Humanitas, Bucharest, 2022, 408 pp. (Theodora Flaut)

Cristina Maria Otovescu, Politica României de gestionare a pandemiei de Covid-19 [Romania's policy for managing the COVID-19 pandemic], Editura Academiei Române. Bucureşti, 2022. (Enache Tuşa)

Sun Zi, Arta răboiului [The Art of War],  Humanitas, Bucureşti, 2023, 160 p. (Laura Maria Vasilache, Sinculeţ Teodora)

Edward N. Luttwak, Ascensiunea Chinei în faţă cu logica strategiei [The Rise of China vs. the Logic of Strategy], Editura Universităţii de Vest, Timişoara, 2023, 268 p. (Laura Maria Vasilache, Serea-Poplingher David)